Welcome to Walking in Energy!


On this website you will find a toolbox for building your own walking in energy¬†reality. Our team is put together of a group of experts and energy guides who are there to help you and hone your skills in the direction you want to grow in as an individual soul. We will provide support and direction for what you want to do with the energy and skills that you’ve already learned. Our team will enhance these skills, guide you, and support you in your quest to become more of who you should be on the path that you have chosen. We have a wide range of skills which range from meditations, adjustments, energy training and soul awareness, to understanding Source philosophies. We also do psychic adjustments to help you gain peace within yourself, and guide you in creating mirrors and barriers to stop other energies from interfering or tapping into yours. We hope that you will join us on this road, and become more of who you should be in your quest to find peace and tranquility in your path, and in turn, project to and bless others. We hope what you have learned here ripples out energetically and activates other souls.Please enjoy our site, and contact any guide you think can aid you on your journey. In joining, you will receive a small interview where we will talk to you and find out what we can do to best help you. So you can become blessed and walk with us knowing of here and now and the reflection of the past as energy. Thank you very much for taking a look at our website! We hope you enroll in our school, and we look forward to working with you.